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Why Use An Agent?

Buying or selling a home is usually a very complicated thing, and as the following reasons illustrate, it is a business that is best left to qualified professionals--the kind you'll find at LETSINGER REALTY...

  • Experience. 
    The Agents of the Letsinger Realty staff have many, many years of experience successfully buying and selling homes in the local market.  Their Experience and Past Results will give you the upper hand when negotiating the best price and terms.  An Agent from Letsinger knows all of the "how's" and "why's" that help to eliminate of lot of unnecessary extra work, costly mistakes, hassles, and headaches!

  • Area Knowledge.  Letsinger Realty has been around this area for almost 50 years and they know the neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, zoning regulations, employment, local economy, etc.  They have the Answers to your questions and concerns for every conceivable situation.

  • Leg Work. The Letsinger Realty Agent will work very hard to keep you up-to-date on your case and provide you with new listings and conditions as they impact the local market.  The agents at the Letsinger office are full-time professionals giving you the best results you can get from any realty business.  They will also use their connections throughout the mortgage industry to get you the best deal possible.

  • Guidance.  A Letsinger Agent will guide you through the various complex stages of buying and/or selling a house or property--making sure you have no hassles or stress!  They know you have enough to deal with just to coordinate your moving plan.

  • Negotiating.  How do you handle an offer that is less than your asking price? Price negotiations and related bargaining can be very tense and stressful. Let the professional from Letsinger Realty handle it for you!

  • Safety and efficiency. If you are trying to sell your home by yourself, your ads invite anyone and everyone into your home! Your time is wasted on unqualified buyers, and there are innumerable dangers associated with unscreened prospects. Is it worth the risk?

  • Property Value.  There are many factors that go into determining the asking price for a home, and homeowners tend to be understandably biased when it comes to their home. A Letsinger Real Estate professional helps to provide an honest property assessment.

  • Financing. All of the details on financing should be left to a professional. Rest assured that your Letsinger Agent has your best interest in mind.

  • Easy access listings.  No one will buy it unless they see it...and no one will see it if they don't know it is on the market! Local newspapers tend to give preferred placement to ads placed by Real Estate professionals (these ads tend to cost less, too, because Real Estate professionals often get discounts for placing ads frequently). The "For Sale By Owner" ads are often buried pretty deep!  Letsinger will develop a marketing plan for your listing.  They'll make sure you are listed on the internet on their web site, and increase your exposure by a listing on MLS, the local Multiple Listing Service--thus increasing  your visibility and chances for a faster closure.

  • Legal Savvy.  If you don't have all of the proper forms and required paperwork, you may not be protected legally! It is critical that you have all of the necessary documents and that they be filled out correctly. All of the legal details involved in buying and/or selling a home can be a major headache for someone who doesn't have the proper experience.

  • Time is critical! If a house has been on the market too long, it starts to raise red flags in the minds of potential buyers. The additional time spent trying to sell your home "By Owner" can create marketing problems for the Real Estate professional. Your best bet is to use a Letsinger Real Estate professional from the very beginning!

  • No Surprises!  There are enough hassles involved in buying or selling a home without being blindsided by unexpected problems like a failed inspection, an erroneous survey, or miscalculated costs. Letsinger Realty can do the job so the job will get done right--and will make sure you don't receive any unpleasant, unexpected surprises!